Yerba Mate Extract

Product description


[English Name]Top Quality of Argentina Medicinal Tea Yerba Mate Extract

[Latin Name] Ilex paraguariensis


[Appearance]Brown yellow powder

[Testing method] UV-vis/HPLC

[HS code] 2938909090

Yerba Mate is thermogenic, which means that it is a terrific fat burner. Thermogenesis is the process wherein the body burns fat.Many people benefit from the consumption of Yerba Mate supplements. Those who have a risk of developing arteriosclerosis should consider taking a supplement. This supplement is beneficial for anyone, because of the increased protection of the immune system.


1.Anti -oxidation,anti-allergic.

2.Improving blood circulation.

3.Refreshing,losing weight.

4.The smooth muscle respiration,protecting myocardial.


1. Applied in supplements, capsules, tablets, nutritional powders.

2. Applied in functional foods, energy bars; beverages, energy drinks.