Seal Oil Perilla Seed Oil Softgel 800mg


Name Factory oem odm of capsule Seal oil Perilla seed oil softgel
Size 800mg OB
Formula ALA:12.9%
Efficacy Auxiliary  lower blood lipid
Mainly ingredients Seal oil,perillia seed oil,vitamin E
Dosage daily 2 pcs each time, 2 times daily

Product description


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Perilla oil is obtained from the seeds of herbs of the genus Perilla, usually from the species Perilla frutescens. The seeds contain 35 to 45 percent oil which is obtained by pressing. Perilla oil is used along with synthetic resins in the production of varnishes. Perilla oil dries faster than linseed oil and on drying forms a film that is harder and yellows more than that formed by linseed oil. The paint and varnish industry accounts for the largest usage. Perilla oil also is important in the manufacture of printing inks and linoleum, and in more ancient times was a critical component in creating durable earthen floors

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1. Two-way regulation of animals and plants, hypolipidemic effect. Perilla seed oil can control the aggregation of platelets in the body, reduce the neutral lipids in the blood, remove cholesterol and prevent thrombosis.
2. Improve your mind and your memory.
3. Anti-aging function. The intake of perilla oil can increase the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in red blood cells, regulate the metabolism of organism and delay the aging of the body
4. Anticancer effect. Perilla seed oil can obviously inhibit the incidence of breast cancer caused by chemical carcinogen DMBA

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  • Protect liver and anti-aging; 
  • Lower blood pressure; 
  • Improve memory and improve eyesight; 
  • Prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

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