Rose fruit extract

The rose hip is also known as the rose fruit, which is a fleshy berry developed from the receptacle after the rose.Although many kinds of roses will bear fruit, the edible rose fruit is mainly produced by Rosa canina and Rosa rugosa.Rose fruit has the highest vitamin C content.It was found that the VC content of each 100 grams of fresh fruit was more than 6810 mg, with a maximum of 8,300 mg, the highest of all vegetables and fruits, and the “crown of the earth plant fruit”.He is known as the “king of VC”.There is the “vitamin record holder”.Because of the high content of vitamin C, it is also respected that rose fruit is widely used in the beauty industry.

Product description

CNLAB Nutrition 干玫瑰1-3 Rose fruit extract

Product name : Rose fruit extract

Name: Rose extract hip

Latin name :Rosa rugosa thunb.

Source: Fruit of wild roses

Product characteristics : Brown-red powder, good fluidity, completely soluble in water, suitable for capsule, tablet, beverage (solid beverage) and other dosage forms.

Product taste : Pure natural rose fruit sour taste

Main ingredients: Vitamin c, polyphenols

Product specification: Polyphenol 5-10%, flavone 5-10%, vc5-10%

Product indicators: Moisture and ash content is less than or equal to 5%


1. rose petal powder has the function of analgesia and stability and effect on the central nervous system of choline;
2. rose petal powder has the function of promoting skin metabolism and has a good effect for skin ulcers and other skin diseases;
3. rose petal powder With the function of clearing away heat and detoxifying, clearing damp, subsidence of swelling and diuretic;
4. rose petal powder With the function of antibacterial and dissolving stones;
5. rose petal powder has the function of strengthen blood vessels and promoting blood circulation.