Resveratrol extract powder

Resveratrol is a natural biological strong polyphenols , also known as Qi three phenol, is cancer chemopreventive agent , but also to reduce platelet aggregation, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis , cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases chemopreventive agent.

Product description

  Product Description 

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 Product name: Sonwu natural resveratrol 98%
 Extract Name: Polygonum cuspidatum root extract or Grape Skin
 Plant Used: Root (100% natural)
Appearance: White fine powder
CAS No. : 501-36-0
 Molecular Formula: C14H12O3
Specification : 98%
Test method :HPLC


1. Anti-cancer;
2. Effect on cardiovascular system;
3. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal;
4. Nourish and protect liver;
5. Anti-oxidant and quench free-radicals;
6. Impact on the metabolism of osseous issue.