Pyrethrum extract/Pyrethrin insecticide  

Pyrethrum is an ancient natural insecticide plant, which is one if a few valuable plant contained high pesticide active ingredients so far, but harmless to humans and animals. Pyrethrum was recognizedas the safest pesticide pollution internationally, with the preparation of health insecticide spray can be used for family health, pesticides can be used in preparation of green vegetables, green fruits, green tea and other cash crops insecticide..

Product description

  Product Description  

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Product Name: Pyrethrum extract/Pyrethrin insecticide

Part Used: Flower
Appearance: Brown  powder
Active Ingredient:Pyrethrin
Botanical Source:Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium
Test Method: TLC
Specification: 25%,50%
Extract Solvent:Ethanol & Water
CAS NO: 8003-34-7


1. Pyrethrum Extract  is effective on lowering blood pressure, lessen stomach irritation.

2. Pyrethrum Extract  can be used for treatment of migraine, rheumatic go far a variety of diseases.

3. Pyrethrum Extract  can be used for reducing renal pain, easing the dizziness and morning vomiting.

4. Pyrethrum Extract  has function of stimulating the appetite, improving digestion and kidney function.

5. Pyrethrum Extract  has the function of expelling wind and effectively,treating gastrointestinal pain and so on.

6. Pyrethrum Extract  has a strong anti-tumor activity, elimination of lead in acute and chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells, essentially to contain diseases.