Organic Cortex Dictamni Extract

In traditional Chinese medicines, Cortex Dictamni is prescribed for the treatment of a variety of inflammatory diseases such as acute rheumatoid arthritis, skin inflammation and jaundice.

Product description

Cortex Dictamni Extract is the dried root bark of Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz. (Rutaceae). The root is collected in spring and autumn, the soil and fibrous roots removed, washed clean, then incised vertically. Afterward, the root bark is stripped off, then dried immediately to obtain Dictamni Cortex.

Quilled or semi-quilled shape, both edges of the cortex usually curved inwards, 3.1-17.5 cm long,4-20 mm in diameter, 1-5 mm thick. Outer surface greyish-white or pale yellow, marked with fine longitudinal wrinkles, transverse lenticels and rootlet scars, frequently with small protruding granulardots; inner surface almost pale yellow, with fine longitudinal wrinkles. Texture fragile, easily broken,dusting on breaking, fracture uneven and somewhat lamellar. After cork is removed, showingnumerous glittering small spots on exposuring to light. Odour muttony; taste slightly bitter.

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