Cromoglicic Acid Powder CAS 16110-51-3

Cromolyn sodium can suppress both immediate and late-onset asthmatic responses and suppress the release of NCF-A. It also inhibits the impairment of mucociliary transport induced by specific bronchial challenge. Moreover, cromolyn sodium also ameliorates exercise-induced asthma.

Product description


CNLAB Nutrition Cromoglicic-acid Cromoglicic Acid Powder CAS 16110-51-3

Cromolyn Acid has been used to treat for asthma for many years. It is a derivative of khellin and is proved to be a unique antiallergic agent. The prior administration of cromolyn sodium inhibits allergen-induced histamine release in the animal experiments. Because the oral absorption of cromolyn sodium is minimal and only the powder form of it is available, cromolyn sodium is usually used through being inhaled from a special apparatus.

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