Natural 100% Lutein Powder

1.Botanical Source: Marigold

2.Part Used: Flower

3.Appearance: Orange Powder

4.Active Ingredient: Lutein

5.Specification: Lutein 5%-90%

6.Test Method: HPLC


8.Packaging:Aluinium foil bag, drum

Product description

Product Description

Natural 100% Lutein Powder


Lutein is a carotenoid found in vegetables and fruits. It acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells against the damaging effects of free radicals. 

Marigold flower belongs to compositae family and tagetes erecta. It is an annual herb and widely planted in Heilungkiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Yunnan , etc.The marigold we used comes from Yunnan province. Based on the local situation of special soil environment and lighting condition , the local marigold have characteristics like growing fast,long flowering period ,high productive capacity and adequate quality.Thus, the steady supply of raw materials, high yield and reduction of cost can be guaranteed.

Lutein is one kind of mixed carotenoid including zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthin. It is natural colorant, pigment, and antioxidant with stable, safe and reliable effect.


a. Lutein as skin cancer inhibitor and care skin. 
b. Lutein as inhibitor of LDL cholesterol Oxidizing. 
c. Lutein as inhibitor of tumor and cancer. 
d. Lutein and its oxidative metabolites in chemoprevention of cancer. 
e. Lutein as inhibitor of blood-vessel clogging. 
f. Lutein delays lung aging. Lutein as inhibitor of arthritis. 
g. Lutein as AMD inhibitor, Cataract inhibitor, and eyes benefitor. 


1)Promoting the healthy of eye and skin through reducing the risk of macular degeneration, supporting normal eye functions and protecting the retina by blocking harmful blue light.
2)Eliminating free-radicals,protecting human body from harm,improve immunity, protecting skin from the harmful solar ray.
3)Preventing cardiopathy and cancer.
4)Resisting arteriosclerosis.

CNLAB Nutrition Blushwood-berry-extract-300x300 Natural 100% Lutein Powder  CNLAB Nutrition 107-300x300 Natural 100% Lutein Powder  CNLAB Nutrition 钙维D片-1000mg_副本2-300x300 Natural 100% Lutein Powder  CNLAB Nutrition 鲁润血红素铁-500mg_副本2-300x300 Natural 100% Lutein Powder

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