Bidens tripartita extract

Product description

Plant origin and Distribution:

Herbs annual, stems erect, 30 — 100 cm tall, obtuse quadrangular, glabrous or very sparsely pilose above, base up to 6 mm in diameter
Produced in east China, central China, south China, southwest provinces.


Picão preto is a small, erect annual herb that grows to 1 m high. It has bright green leaves with serrated, prickly edges and produces small, yellow flowers and black fruit. Its root has a distinctive aroma similar to that of a carrot. It is indigenous to the Amazon rainforest and other tropical areas of South America, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Philippines. It is often considered a weed in many places. It is a southern cousin to Bidens tripartita, the European bur marigold, which has an ancient history in European herbal medicine. In Brazil, the plant is most commonly known as picão preto or carrapicho; in Peru it is known as amor seco or pirca.

Function :

1.As a broad-spectrum antimicrobial for various internal and external infections (caused by virus, bacteria, yeast, fungi)
2.To tone, balance, strengthen, protect, and detoxify the liver
3.Tor arthritis, rheumatism, and other inflammatory conditions
4.For diabetes
5.For stomach ulcers and digestive disorders


1.Applied in medicine field,

2.Applied in the cosmetics field.

3.Applied in health products.