Baobab fruit extract

Product description

Plant origin and Distribution:

Baobabs, also called baobabs, monkeys or bottle trees, are large deciduous trees with short trunk and many branches. The baobab tree has a huge crown and a variety of strange branches, just like the root of the tree. It is spectacular in shape, with huge fruit like football and sweet and juicy. It is the favorite food of monkeys, orangutans, elephants and other animals. When the fruit was ripe, monkeys would come in groups and climb up the trees to get it, hence the name “baobab tree”.
The baobab tree is found in Africa, the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Indian Ocean islands, and northern Australia.


Baobab has a long history of being a reliable and safe traditional herbal medicine in Africa. Perhaps it is one of the most unique plant varieties in Africa, given its exceptional nutritional profile and attributes as well as its innate market appeal. The fruit pulp of Baobab is known for its rich antioxidant activity, more than six times more effective compared to blueberries. Because of this market appeal, Baobab has turned into a novel ingredient for many products, from the food industry, nutraceuticals, botanical industry and cosmetic industry. However, to commercially introduce Baobab to the public, it has to be modified in such as way that the public can effortlessly add it on their daily dietary plan. For this reason, Baobab extract is created to address these particular necessities.

Function :

1.Contains potent anti-oxidants (twice as powerful as goji berries)
2.High content of vitamin C (six times more than an orange)
3.Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties


1.Food industry
3.Botanical industry
4.Cosmetic ingredients
6.Dietary supplement