Banana Powder

Banana powder is made by washing fresh bananas, pressing them into banana juice, then spray drying, sifting and sterilizing them in the spray tower to get water-soluble banana juice powder, which is widely used in food and beverage industry and cosmetics industry.

Product description

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1. Banana belong to high potassium food, potassium ion can strengthen muscle and muscle endurance athletes.

2. Banana helps lower blood pressure nutritionists say, potassium sodium to human body with inhibition and eat more bananas, can lower blood pressure, prevent hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

3. banana contains rich soluble fiber, namely pectin, AIDS digestion, adjust the function of intestines and stomach.

4. Banana for insomnia or nervous person also has curative effect, because the banana contains protein, contain amino acid, with the effect, therefore the appease nerve at bedtime.

5. facial effection & aid digestion.


1.Applied in the field of food.
2. Application in the field of cosmetics.