Anthocyanidins 25% Powder

Product description

Plant origin and Distribution:

Active ingredient: Anthocyanidins
Botanical source: Sambucus nigra
CAS NO.: 528-58-5
Specification: twenty fifth
Molecular formula: C15H11ClO6
Molecular Weight: 322.70
Characters: Dark Purple fine powder


1.Elderberry extract is employed to forestall the vessel diseases;

2.Elderberry extract has long been accustomed boost the system

3.Elderberry extract has the usage of quench radical, inhibitor, and anti-aging;

4.Elderberry extract with a treatment for gentle inflammation of the secretion membranes of mouth and throat;

5.Elderberry extract owns a treatment for looseness of the bowels, enteritis, urethritis, urinary tract infection and virosis rheum epidemic, with its counteractive and germicidal action;

6.Elderberry extract can defend and regenerate rhodopsin, and cure patients with eye diseases like pigmentosa, retinitis, glaucoma, and myopia, etc.


1.Applied in soluble beverages;

2.Applied in pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;

3.Applied in useful food as capsules or pills;

4.Applied in health merchandise as capsules or pills.