Acai Berry Powder

Acai berry, also known as Euterpe badiocarpa, Euterpe oleracea,The fruit of the acai berry/fruit peel contains the highest Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) in terms of antioxidant capacity, which is 10 times higher than that of red grapes. Acacia contains a large amount of iron, calcium, fiber and vitamin A. It also contains anthocyanin compounds such as resveratrol, cyanide and ferulic acid. These substances not only give fruits and vegetables a unique color, but also flavonoids. Classes combine to protect the body against harmful free radicals. In fact, the anthocyanin content of acai berry is 10 to 30 times higher than that of red wine. Another advantage of Acacia is that it contains beneficial fatty acids such as oleic acid (which is also found in olive oil). Its dietary fiber content is healthy and keeps the body system running smoothly.

Product description

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Certificate Of Analysis

Product Name

Acai berry powder

Supplier Sheerherb Part of used fruit
Test method TLC Solubility 100% water soluble
Specs Available 4:1,10:1,20:1 Odor Characteristic
Appearance Purple red powder Active ingredient Anthocyanin/polyphenol
Sulphated Ash <5.0% Loss on drying <5.0%
Total Plate Count <1000cfu/g Yeast&Mold <100cfu/g
E.Coli  Negative S.Aureus  Negative
Salmonella  Negative Pesticides  Negative
MOQ  1 KG Latin Name Euterpe oleracea L.
Shelf life  2 years Package  25 kg drum
Storage Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light.



Acai berry extract contains polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins and raw anthocyanins, Omega 6(linoleic acid),

Omega 9(oleic acid), vitamin C, tea polyphenols and other substances, which have a strong antioxidant effect,

can reduce blood pressure and prevent thrombosis; Maintain the balance of blood lipid, reduce the incidence

of hyperlipidemia, diabetes and heart disease.