Company Introduction

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  • CN Lab Nutrition , professional manufactures herbal extract, fruit powder, green powder, vegetable powder and blended for nutraceutical dietary supplements industry.
  • Supplies vitamins , minerals, amino acid etc.
  • Provides hyaluronic acid, cosmetic ingredients…
  • Contract manufactures softgel, tablet, capsules in bulk.
  • We have been in nutritional dietary supplement for 20 years.
  • We provides our proven expertise and cost effective one stop solution here for customers all over the world.
  • We pay more attention to meet our customers demands.
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Herbal Extract

CNLAB Nutrition 苦参提取物-150x150 Home  CN Lab manufactures 1000 kinds of herbal extracts.

Private Label

CNLAB Nutrition 未标题-23 Home  Softgels, tablets, capsules,gummies are manufactured in GMP facilities.

Fruit Juice & Vegetable Powder

CNLAB Nutrition 柚子粉-150x150 Home  Taste wonderful as the fruits themselves.

Cosmetic Ingredients

CNLAB Nutrition 蜗牛粘液提取物-150x150 Home  More than 300 ingredients for cosmetic industry.

Organic Powder

CNLAB Nutrition 牛蒡根提取物1-1-150x150 Home  We have organic herbal powders, Organic fruit & Vegetable powders…